Self-governance lessons from Bali and Stephen Lansing - This chapter of the book Alternative Approaches to Development edited by Michele Cangiani presents the case study of the Balinese subak system for irrigation and rice cultivation, as it has been studied and explained mainly by anthropologist Stephen J. Lansing. … Continue reading
PhD thesis: Ethnography of a Complex Network. Tools and Practices for Self-Organization in the Civil Society of Verona - With this thesis I take part in the interdisciplinary debate on the identification and promotion of models of network governance which could improve the social, environmental and economic sustainability of social-ecological systems. The originality of the research lies in the … Continue reading
Il peso dei legami forti. - Mi sono laureto in Antropologia culturale, etnologia ed etnolinguistica all’università Ca’ Foscari Venezia il 12/11/2010 con una tesi sui legami sociali. Di seguito inserisco titolo, abstract e testo completo (pdf). La tesi ha ricevuto il premio Domenico Sartor da parte … Continue reading