Hello. My name is Miro Marchi, born in Verona, Italy, in 1983. I’m a PhD candidate in cultural anthropology at University of Verona, and my skills and interests lie between social sciences and computer sciences, from anthropology and ethnography to network analysis and complex systems, with a passion for (network) graphs.

I believe network/systems thinking and data analysis, coupled with ethnographic approach to research (deep immersion in the field to gather insights about the connections and patterns at work in a specific domain) can make the difference where relationships are important. I am strongly motivated to pursue the science of graphs, both to research for new applications, and to use state of the art practices in problem solving.


At the moment I am working at some projects, and I am actively searching for new opportunities (either project based, part time, full time, or internships). I’m interested in any kind of project (any sector, any field) as far as it involves graphs in one or more of theirs forms (graph data storage, network analysis, network visualization, and so on). I am particularly keen to the connection of graphs and people. I’m willing to relocate, to learn new languages and skills, and I love teamwork.

CV / Résumé


You can find me on


Twitter (@miromarchi)

IM and calls:
Skype (i.am.miro.marchi)
Hangout (miro.marchi@gmail.com)

Khan Academy



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