is a web based collaboration graph built with for (and with) the organizations of the civil society and social economy of Verona, Italy, as part of my PhD research project in anthropology.
The application is a drupal website which let organizations members to create nodes/contents about their organization’s main entities:

  1. organization
  2. projects/activities
  3. events
  4. collaborations to other projects/activities of other organizations
  5. collaboration of others to their projects/activities

The data collected are displayed if different views, per organization and as an entire network. So there are organization specific calendar and project pages, as well as a common calendar, and an explore page with content from all nodes of a certain kind. There are filters as well as a double layer taxonomy categorization sistem.
The most innovative view is the graph view, which displays two kind of network graph: a bipartite network graph, with organization nodes connected with project nodes, and a monopartite network graph with organization nodes connected to other organization nodes. The second is obtained with drupal rules and relation modules, creating/updating relations between each pair of organizations every time they collaborate to the same prohect/activity. Ego-network graphs as well as entire network graphs are provided. The latter helps members to visualize themselves in the big picture, The network they contribute to build with their everyday work and life.

Organic groups module is used to ensure a proper permissions schema, suited for the complexity of the domain. For instance, collaborations are contents shared by the members of the organization which is the subject of the collaboration, and by the members of the organization which hosts the project/activity page to which the former collaborate. This way, the content management system power is used to empower all the right people to have a role on the contents that are connected to them.


About miromarchi

PhD in Anthropology, consultant at GraphAware. Interested in graphs, ethnography, anthropology, network analysis, graph databases, network visualization, complexity, cooperation, collective action, emergence of self-organization, commons, sustainability, open source, communities of practice.
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