PhD research – civil society organizations’ network in Verona

From October 2012 to February 2016 I conducted a funded PhD research (3 years, with national scholarship) in anthropology, based at the University of Verona, supervised by prof. Anna Maria Paini (University of Verona) and prof. Marco Deriu (University of Parma).
The research project consisted in a collaborative ethnograpy and network analysis within communities of practice of the civil society and local economy of the province of Verona, Italy.
Main research results are differentiated for specific publics. For the academic public, I wrote the phd thesis Ethnography of a Complex Network. Tools and Practices for Self-Organization in the Civil Society of Verona, discussed and approved the 14h of february 2016. For the fieldwork subjects’ public (hence as restitution), I developed, collaboratively with some subjects-collaborators, the web application, a web based participatory collaboration graph.

I’ll write more about the prject in this post soon!


About miromarchi

PhD in Anthropology, consultant at GraphAware. Interested in graphs, ethnography, anthropology, network analysis, graph databases, network visualization, complexity, cooperation, collective action, emergence of self-organization, commons, sustainability, open source, communities of practice.
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