Call for collaboration on network visualization (graphs)

Link to this post on TeSIS Department – University of Verona

This is a “call for collaboration”, from an anthropology PhD candidate, addressed to computer scientists.

Phenomenon and case study: cooperation network among «Civil Society» and «Social Economy» Organizations (CSSEOs) at the local level (province of Verona, Italy).

Potential for collaboration:

  • the research focuses on interdisciplinary topics of complexity, networks, graphs and tackles sustainability problems from the social organization side;
  • although there are now several tools, real-time web visualization of relational data is still a new industry with scope for improvement. A simple technology offering a good level of configuration has not yet emerged.

Background information

CSSEOs: are non-profit associations, cooperatives, social enterprises, citizens’ committees, ethical purchasing groups…

Problem: CSSEOs show difficulty in acting as a complex network, i.e. maintaining both autonomy and intercommunication.

Identified cause: lack of an appropriate model of the complex cooperation network.

Proposed solution: development of a representation tool, web-based, able to retrieve data from a DB and display it real-time according to graph theory.

Expected results: increase in self-organization → increase effectiveness in responding to environmental, economic, social sustainability issues.

Web based real-time network visualization

What we need:

  1. empower organization members with the ability of writing and updating data about cooperative relationships between groups (500 groups estimated);
  2. feed this data to a real-time (on browser) visualization tool which will draw the network in specific view modes;
  3. have all the process following directions from a web API, in order to be replicable.

What has been done:

Development of website (started), based on Drupal (open source CMF); testing of some graphics libraries (cytoscape.js, D3.js).

Main repository:




Personal page:



About miromarchi

PhD in Anthropology, consultant at GraphAware. Interested in graphs, ethnography, anthropology, network analysis, graph databases, network visualization, complexity, cooperation, collective action, emergence of self-organization, commons, sustainability, open source, communities of practice.
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